About the Creator

I am a career scientist/biologist/microbiologist, but my love of nature has led me to explore not just science, but it has also inspired me to explore my creative side as well. From poetry, fiction writing, music, sketching, creating my own perfumes, lotions, and bath bombs, I have always been most satisfied when I am creating something.  

 I also enjoy collecting stones and bits from places I travel, and love to make them wearable. I started playing with the idea of making my own jewelry in high school, but it wasn't until after I finished graduate college that I decided to revisit the idea. At first, I just made things for myself, the kind of stuff I wanted but couldn't find in stores. It started when my sister and nieces and nephew got me an "aunt" charm bracelet. I loved it, but soon the color wore off the beads. I decided to remake it myself. After that, I continued to make things for myself, the kind of stuff I wanted but couldn't find in stores. Stuff that wouldn't break or the color wouldn't rub off over time. 

Then I got requests from friends and family. I started branched out and I started learning wire wrapping, I loved the versatility.

Soon after, I created my first online shop. 

Now, I'm building my own website and hope to create collections that connect with others that love these crazy cool stones as much as I do. My wish is that if you buy a piece from me, it makes you as happy to wear it as it made me to create it and share it with you.

I promise to do my best to present only genuine stones and crystals and materials to provide jewelry that is exactly what it says it is, and to that end, I look for the best sources of supplies. I'm lucky enough to live in a location where the largest annual gemshow is held, and have some great local bead, crystal, and lapidary supply shops available to me all through the year.