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Hello again, 

As my birthday month closes I've been reflecting on gratitude for my life as it is today. I have a thoughtful, brilliant, adoring husband, a smart, goofy, adventurous, caring toddler, and two talented, smart, compassionate, loving teenagers, a day job that is satisfying, recently got clinically certified in microbiology, and all of my other loved ones are reasonably happy and healthy.  It wasn't always this way. I am grateful for the path that led me here and only wish I had taken it sooner.  

That said, it's been a magical year and a half or so of being a new mama and I would like to start exploring creating for sale again.  I have played with other things, such as wire-wrapped sun-catchers, block printing, resin, and custom baby and toddler shirts (it's hard to find non-branded mythical creature clothes for babies!).  Therefore I would like your feedback on what you would like to see.  Non-wearable art? Custom clothes and a accessories? Resin jewelry with nature embedded? More intricate wire-wrapped earrings?  To provide feedback: comment on this post, my social media, or if you are feeling shy, email me at kerigwensstone@gmail.com.

And finally, I would like to put some of that goodness back out into the world by donating and gifting some of my work. I am offering a $30 shop credit to the top two people that share my website the most over the next month on their socials (tag my socials).  Deal ends May 30th, 2022.  

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  • I like the idea of decorations for my home/ garden!


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