New Kerigwen's Stone store website

Whether you have been following me for a while or have just discovered my jewelry, I would like to announce the opening of the new Kerigwen's Stone website. 

For loyal followers, some old products won't be available any longer unless requested specifically.  But as always, I love to create something that has meaning for you as well, and am honored when I get custom requests. 

My first launch will be my steel link bracelet collection.  These bracelets are really why I got started on this journey, and I have made so many for myself that I just love.  I began creating these because I love to wear the life out of my jewelry, and I used to wear my bracelets until the colors wore off the beads or something broke. 

I use genuine stones, crystals, and semi-precious gemstones and steel wire and links, so these aren't just enjoyable to look at and fun to wear, they are also durable.  I wear mine camping, hiking, in the shower, to work, etc.  I hope you find something you like, and if you want something specific you aren't seeing, don't hesitate to request something custom.  Depending on the materials, it may need a longer lead time, but I could also have the materials on hand. 

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